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Smart Positive Displacement Flow Meters Design Excellence Always Leads To Better Performance

Among the many PD flow meter design principles available today, the oval gear still holds a top place both in simplicity and field proven performance. 

Smartech Inc offers robust positive displacement oval gear flow meter range incorporating patented innovations & features with Flomec sensor and very strong electronic measurement that brings many benefits to market.
OVERVIEWSmartech Inc offers a range of oval gear flow meters which provide high level of accuracy & repeatability for a wide range of most clean liquids irrespective of viscosity & conductivity including fuels, oils, additives, chemicals, food, bases, paints, viscous emulsions, insecticides, alcohols & solvents either pumped or gravity fed by using Flowmec sensor.

Medium Capacity Flowmeters :Smartech Inc medium capacity flow meters find widespread applications in industry to monitor & control liquid flow streams & allow for precise dispensing of small to medium batch runs. They also have extensive application in the distribution of fuels, fuel oils, lubricant, alcohols, solvents & the blending of bio & ethanol fuels.
Flow indicater with totalazier smartech inc.


· High flow range ability

· Modular construction aids installation

· Precise batching

· Easy to read LED

· Choice of output suits most applications

· All metal rotors

*GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS :Oval Gear Sensors_ Flow range: 1450 litres/min

Nominal sizes: 1550mm

Linearity: ±0.5% of reading

Repeatability: ± 0.03% repeatability

Temperature: -20+120°C

Materials: 316 stainless or aluminum

Pulse outputs: reed switch & NPN open collector (standard)