Magnetic Particle Inspection

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Magnetic Particle InspectionMagnaflux Magnetic Particles are used for magnetic particle inspection method in the detection of SURFACE and SUBSURFACE indications in FERROUS materials.

Electromagnetic Yoke :

  • Magnaflux Yoke model Y-7  comply to ASTM E144. The yokes feature solid state controls and articulating double jointed contact legs for easy contouring to test parts.The light weight is ideal tool for detection of surface, subsurface cracks and flaws in any ferro magnetic material. It is fast and simple to operate.
  • AC and variable HWDC
  • Extremely strong and intense magnetic field for superior sensitivity.
  • Portable and light weight

Magnetic Particles Testing Units:

This series consist of different types of units ranging from 1000 AMPS to 6000 AMPS. These are solid state infinitively variables current controls in AC and HWDC mode and used in job site inspections in industries , power plants, erection site etc.

Magnetic Particles:

our range of magnetic particles  includes of wet method consisting of fluorescent and non fluorescent powders to be used along with water and thin oils as per requirements and dry powders.

  • Particle size is controlled to ensure maximum sensitivity to minimize loose fluorescent pigment that could mask indications
  • Provides longer bath life
  • ISO 9000 certified manufacturing facility
  • Wide approvals ASTM, BGCA, ASME B &; PV, MIL.

ZB-100F Portable Black Light: System produces long wave ultraviolet light at 365 nanometers, providing optimum fluorescence in MAGNAGLO® and ZYGLO® testing materials.

  • 100 watt black light with transformer, cords, GFCI and plug
  • Built-in fan keeps light cool-to-the-touch
  • Running temperature <85°F
  • Typical output 4,500 μW/cm2
  • High rate of inspection due to high intensity of UV light and less white light emission
  • Special kopp filler- permits UV 365 NM-blocks harmful rays and ensures safety of inspectors and workers

We also offer UV supper flood light in the application that requires large inspection areas,the black light intensity of 6500 micro watts/ with all safety measures and protection.

White Contrast Paint: It provides white background to enhance visible magnetic particle indication. The propellant used is carbon dioxide hence more contents in the aerosol. The products confirms to BS 5044 and covers approx 65 sq.feet.

Prepared Baths:

  • 7HF redymix black MPI particles in aerosol.
  • 14AM redymix fluorescent  MPI particles in aerosol.